Yogies Doing Their Best

Bette Larson:

Bette is my cover girl on photos that I use on studio promotions.

Constant and Reliable are the two words that come to mind when I think of Bette. She has been coming to yoga the longest of all of my students and she has rarely missed a day!  Amazing!

I am old and yet young at 80 years of age; my body is old, but strong and flexible because of 16 years of yoga class and 12 pilates class years..Being with the younger yogi women have helped keep my mind and spirit young!  

Hiyala asked her to add the answers to these questions: What are some things (goals)  you would like to accomplish in the next 5 years?  to gain and retain strength and flexibility

What initially brought you to yoga? I came to yoga when hearing someone say how great yoga is

What are some things you enjoy the most about our yoga classes?   I enjoy the comeradery of the others in the class

What are some  challenges in your life that you have overcome?  the challenge to think more outside of myself

Hiyala  adds:  Bette joined my yoga classes when I was teaching at Shoreview community Center about 1998.  I was the first yoga teacher there!  I remember that it was a beautiful spring day so I suggested we do some yoga outdoors.  After the class Bette approached me with enthusiasm and said, “This was wonderful!  I just feel like I would like to hug you!”  That was the beginning of a long teacher /student relationship  which also blossomed into a friendship..Everybody is very impressed to learn that Bette is as old as she is because she looks so young .  Most people her age move as if they hurt .. Bette has some complaints about aches but she is really remarkably strong and agile.  I am so pleased to have been her teacher all these years. I have learned so much from her as well !  Bette is in the middle of this group shot taken about 10 years ago now. 

Kim Manoleff's profile photo Kim Manoleff

Hello! My name is Kim and I am a (new) resident of Shoreview. I am originally from Minnesota, but have lived all over the Metro area and even in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from ages 9-16. I actually went to 13 different schools before I graduated from high school! If there was anyone ever destined to practice yoga, it was probably me.

My yoga journey began years ago, in my mind. I actually didn’t start practicing until 2016, when I took an introductory class at a yoga studio in St. Louis Park and fell in love with Hatha yoga. My search for a new teacher closer to home brought me to Hiyala in March of 2017. I have attended both Tuesday and Thursday evening classes with Hiyala. I love Tuesdays on the dock in the summer!

What drew me to yoga was something more than exercise. I did want to practice in order to tone and increase my flexibility, but found I loved how I felt when breathing through a pose, how focused and present I became. Every intro class became a combination history-physical-spiritual awakening for me—and I still feel exactly the same every time I practice. For the first time I felt like I had found something physical that I could relate to and understand.

Time management is my biggest challenge. I have a busy job in the health-insurance industry and always make time for my kids, family and friends.  I’m also learning to embrace a whole new lifestyle with my wonderful husband as we learn to manage and adapt to his Parkinson’s diagnoses.

Life is crazy and chaotic for most.  I do feel, however, that yoga has increased my awareness to my every-day and also encourages me to learn. I have started meditating, reading some great books, dabbled a bit in some basic Tai Chi movements, and would really like to learn about Qi Gong.

I’m still very new in this journey, but yoga provides much needed balance and focus in my life, and it just feels right. That’s one pretty exciting life-long journey to be on. Namaste

My name is Sue and I LOVE Yoga.  I’m 65 years old.  My first Intro to yoga was in the late 1980’s.  A friend was diagnosed with TMJ and it was suggested she “do yoga” for stress relief.  So three of us girlfriends “did yoga” at the Meditation Center on University Ave in NE Minneapolis.  That was 30 years ago.  The main thing I remember getting out of those classes is how important the breath/breathing is.  Good times, bad times, anywhere, any time of day – I can always focus on and use my breath to slow me down and center myself.  Plus, deep breathing burns calories!

Jump ahead to 2002 and I was turning 50.  Yoga was booming!  Along with a girlfriend, I signed up for Hiyala’s classes at the Shoreview Community Center.  And I have now been taking classes from her for 16 years!!

Practicing Yoga just helps me to remember to slow down – do my stretches when I take the dog out first thing in the morning and last thing at night, smell the Spring funk, the newly cut grass, “the roses”, the bonfire, the pine needles. It is exposure to different cultures, languages, philosophies.  The people I’ve met in yoga classes are truly inspiring.  Plus, there is always a party when someone has a Birthday!

Someone said “The only thing people who do Yoga love more than doing Yoga, is talking about it.”  That’s me!  Please come join us!

Prudie is on the left

My name is Prudie and I began my yoga practice in 2007.  The pain in my knees doesn’t allow me to do the recommended walking for osteopenia, so yoga was recommended by my doctor as an alternative to strengthen my muscles and bones.

 I joined Hiyala’s Tuesday night yoga class.  She had small classes which was ideal for a beginner like me to learn the correct way to do the poses.  It wasn’t long before I could hardly wait for Tuesday night so I could go to yoga.  The poses were not only good for my body, but the practice was (and is) very calming for my mind.Through yoga I’ve met so many caring, like minded people.  It has also lead me to trying other activities, like drumming, that I never would have been exposed to and enjoy.

Hiyala is a wonderful, caring teacher who makes each class unique and shares her wealth of knowledge.


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