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For most of my adult life I have chosen to use my artist name:  “Hiyala Indiga”,  Heidi was my birth name and you can also call me that. 
I feel so blessed to be able to guide my clients with  Yoga, Pilates,  Massage, Reiki, and Ear Candling. I invite you to meet my students:  Here is a link to a page where I highlight them:  Yogis doing their best.
A class with me is always an exploration – not just of  the physical body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual body.  In most every class there will be “check ins” – a time for each student to talk about their body/soul/spirit.  Because we are evolving beings, theses aspects may change from one week to the next.  The curriculum for each class is flexible, depending on the information each participant supplies about their current health.  If someone is having shoulder issues, I will include some poses for shoulders.  If someone is feeling depressed, I will include some poses that will work well for depression. I love to allow students to settle into the stillness and to observe the inner flow of energy.  We do this often during my classes.  I end each class with aromatherapy in my cupped hands by your nose and since I am trained in Reiki (light hands healing), that is also an option for each student during savasana.
Training and Teaching experience.  Before I had my own business (20 years ago!)  I taught at various places including the Cancer Center at Unity Hospital, Anoka community Ed, Emma B Howe YMCA and Shoreview Community Center .  I trained initially through Integrative Yoga Therapy in California,  and have since studied Structural Yoga Therapy with Makunda Stiles, and Yoga for Specific Health Problems with Jeff Migdow, MD at Kripalu.  I study annually with various well known instructors, locally and nationwide. This is my favorite kind of vacation. I always return feeling refreshed,  renewed and inspired.
I am 65 years old and feeling great!  I can easily get up and down off the floor, hang upside down and climb trees!  That is my best testimonial for yoga. I am also  an ear candler, painter of portraits, a French teacher (available for tutoring), and now, I am also trained to teach kids how to do a seated chair massage for each other.   Human touch can really help the kids to focus and be kinder to each other.    For more information go to Massage in Schools Program
I also offer many styles of healing massage (shiatsu, Thai, Ashiatsu and swedish styles) and I love to candle ears because people find it to be so relaxing and so effective. For details, please see my “massage” page.
I made a living as a portrait artist for three years in California and on Vashon Island of the coast of Seattle.  Primarily, I paint pets, but I can also do portraits of Homes, cars , boats and people.  If you‘d like to see some samples of my work, click HERE.

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