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To book your session please call, text or email,(612 850-0071) please leave 3 days and times that work for you  to  come for  massage/private yoga with Hiyala,  as well as your preferred location (Linden Hills, Shoreveiw, Roseville, Spring lake Park).  Payment for ear candling must be made in advance by clicking on link below (scroll down).
Take time for yourself today!   Hiyala is an expert and has been doing massage since 1992.  In addition to using good technique that is sure to help you feel better, Hiyala is very attentive to you and makes you feel cared for.  She realises the value of “comfort care”.

******Pay for an hour and get 15min free**************This deal is available only for reiki healing and Thai Yoga therapy which is clothes on and consists of assisted, held stretches:
If you have been here before, there is a $5 discount if you pay for your massage in advance using paypal.   Gift certificates make a great gift. They can be sent via email or picked up in the studio.
The following options are available only at Revitalife Chiro Clinic in Spring lake Park:
Swedish (relaxing massage of muscles with oil on bare skin). .. Hot stones($15) and aromatherapy($5) are add on options with this style.  Hot stones penetrate deep heat into the muscles. I collected my stones  from Lake Superior so I like to tell my clients that they are being blessed by “Mother Superior”. (not available at Peace or Salon Classic)
Ashiatsu : Client is on a comfortable mat on the floor, hiyala applies oil with her hands and works the muscles with her clean,smooth feet. If you need a deep tissue massage, Hiyala recommends the Ashiatsu style as she is able to apply more pressure by using  better body mechanics.Available at Revitalife Chiro Clinic in Spring Lake Park and in your home.
Myofascial release: This kind of massage is so important for those who have had surgeries or injuries.  The doctors can put your bones back in place, but they should also tell you to get a massage for the health of the tissue.  Scar tissue forms and adhesions develop which cause complications sometimes years later.Available at Revitalife Chiro Clinic in Spring Lake Park and in your home.
Ocean massage Hiyala combines all of the techniques with chanting and rocking and positional release. On the table or on the floor.  (obviously, if you choose to be on the table, the ashiatsu will not be an option).
The following options are available at Peace Church in Shoreview, Roseville (north of hwy 36 on Rice Street) as well as Spring Lake Park:
Shiatsu :  Hiyala presses into the accupressure points relating the internal organs- can be a clothes on massage or combined with Swedish.  Some stretches are included.  Can be done with client on the floor, japanese style , or on the table. 
Thai Yoga Therapy – a clothes on technique whereby the client lays on a comfortable mat on the floor and  hiyala stretches, and performs full range of movement of the joints.  For more details, click here. 
ear candlingEar Candling: This is an ancient technique where hollow cones (“candles”) are put in your ear (one ear at a time).  The candle is lit and the vacuum created pulls the excess wax out of your ears. Some people have experienced relief from plugged ears and tinnitis/vertigo.  For most of this treatment you will lay on your side on the massage table. Due to the high quality of the candles we use this treatment costs more than a one hour massage. base cost is $68.90 for one candle each ear.  + $8 for 2 candles each ear. pay now using paypal

couples massagethai massagePrivate Massage classes for couples:  Learn how to give a massage without hurting your hands.  In this  class you will learn Thai massage, shiatsu and Ashiatsu techniques .  These techniques can be done on a massage table or the floor .
Private sessions can be booked at your convenience(book for 60 ($60), 90 ($90) or 120 minute ($120) class sessions
Please call Hiyala to book :  612 850-0071. Learn from the best massage  therapist with 20+ years experience!

Private yoga sessions are tailored just for you!  If you have had an injury, or are self conscious about being in a group, gain some confidence with one or two private sessions first.  A private session can include a postural analysis whereby hiyala will observe your body in the poses and help you to determine your areas of weakness.  Accordingly, she will suggest poses that will strengthen the weak muscles.

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