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Current Classes

Yoga Studies:  Class includes more information on the philosophical aspects of yoga as a study of self as well as Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.  Must have at least 8 weeks of prior yoga instruction.

Meditation:  Learn several meditation techniques and practice each one to find which works best for you.  More emphasis (than the other classes) on meditation and quieting the nervous system. 

Semi private Pilates:  Exercises that focus on strengthening the abs.  Arms and legs also get toned.  This class is great for people with back problems and for those with knee issues as most of the exercises are done on our backs or in seated position.  We also use the big pysio balls, pilates rings and resistance bands.

Body Flow Yoga:  This class will get you fully warmed up, let you explore your own strength and power and then you will cool down, stretch your muscles and then fully let go.  You will leave class feeling strong, relaxed and at peace.

Seated Yoga Especially good for those who with injuries/stiffnes; needing to go slow.  We will do full range of motion of joints while seated. Learn proper alignment in poses.  Learn how to make the poses work for you by using props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs.
Moving to the floor will not be required for this class.

Scheduled Upon Request

Private Yoga using the aerial yoga sling:  The sling is great for facilitating better alignment in the poses. It is also great for inversions that create traction for the back and neck. 

Family Yoga suitable for children ages 4+ and their parents/grandparents.  

Teen yoga:  In addition to being a great exercise which helps you improve your confidence, yoga can help you learn how to stay calm, how to focus and succeed in school.  There is a path that connects Chippewa Middle school to Peace Church.  Please let me know of your interest. Teens are also welcome in any of the adult classes. 

Message in the Schools ProgramHiyala is a licensed substitute teacher.  Invite her to come do this exciting program for your school.

Yin Yoga paired with massage:  Long held poses supported by bolsters, chairs, blocks, etc, Hiyala will come around and offer you a massage using Kneading, Shiatsu or Thai massage techniques.

Scout/Team yoga:  Schedule a special event for your troop, den, team or group.  Learn anything from relaxation techniques or yoga for improved focused strength.

Awaken with Yoga:  We will start out slow and easy, working into sun salutes.  A great way to start the day. 

Laughter Yoga:  Although we stretch some, and practice some breathing exercises, our abdominals and facial muscles get a good workout in this class.

Therapeutic yoga workshops:  Different topics such as yoga for knees, yoga for backs, yoga for pain relief.

Yoga/massage at your business:  Any of the above classes can be customized for your group.

Private Yoga parties:  We can come to you, or host it in our yoga/massage/dance studio.

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