Formulating intentions that lead to happiness

  I recently read part of this book and I highly recommend it .  I especially like the subtitle :  My Yoga of Self Acceptance.  That is really what Yoga is all about isn't it ?   not how far or deep you can go into a pose.   As a student of Buddhism I like to share  snippets of articles that I read  in books and  magazines like the quote that follows from tricycle:  We spread thoughts of goodwill for all the world, that we don’t wish anyone any harm. We wish that all beings could find  happiness . So why are we sitting here with our eyes closed? (in meditation).  Why aren’t we going out there, making people happy? Because happiness is something that has to come from within. It’s based on being skillful in the way you act, which includes not only your physical actions, but also your  speech  and the actions of your mind—and in particular, the act of intention. This is because it’s through our intentions that we shape the world we experience, along with the amount of pleasure or pa

Tues pm is now held on thurs p

 We will be outdoors for the summer for this thurs pm class. If weather is bad, we can be u Der the shelter or zoom. Held 6-7:15pm at a park near Circle Pines.  Please contact me with your interest.   Here is an interesting read about emotions by Jeff Foster. I CANNOT LOSE MYSELF. I used to be terrified of feelings, my own feelings and the feelings of others.  I believed that if I went too deeply into feelings, if I let them exist for too long in me, if I allowed them to live in my body, I would go mad, or I would be destroyed by them somehow. Or they would never leave, and I would get “stuck” in them forever, sucked into their dark heart, no way out.  I feared “losing myself” in feelings. I feared my own fear. I had anxiety about having anxiety. I was angry with my own anger. Like many, I believed that I had dark, sinful, dangerous energies inside of me, and that I had to avoid these ‘demons’ at all costs. This was all a child’s superstition, of course, totally reasonable conclusions

Tues am yoga outdoors

 We are a small group doing yoga outside at Golden Lake Park tomorrow am. 9:30-10:45.  Be prepared with a  blanket  or sheet to lay on the grassy ground . Cost for new students is $10. Previous students pay $16 if u purchase 3 or more. Or 18 for a single class.

Thai yoga massage!

Feeling like you could benefit from a good stretch? In Thai yoga therapy the Therapist presses along the energy meridian lines and presses you into a stretch, holding it as you breath into it and stretch further. Its like having yoga "done to you". You just relax and let the stretching happen. The client is fully clothed and usually lays on the ground but these movements can also be adapted to a massage table. I love meeting clients in a park. It's wonderful and relaxing to look up into the sky or tree branches.

Womens retreat

I'll be teaching Thai yoga massage at this retreat in Sandstone the end of April if you have clients, friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in this wonderful weekend, please share this event page with them: womens-wellness-weekend- spring-2022/ The webpage is now updated with class list, tentative weekend schedule and class descriptions - what a great lineup!

Earth day Movement classes

 Connect with the Earth this Earth day.  We will hopefully be outside ... under a blue sky.  Come  learn a prayerful movement sequence much like Tai chi.  Hiyala choreographed this to the feminine version of the Lord's Prayer. You will learn the prayer line by line with the movements.   Our Mother, which art the Earth, nurturing are thy ways, thy web of life be woven, thy way be found within as it is all around.  Thank you this day, For our bread and sweat, And forgive us our misuse of you, as we forgive others their misuse of us.  And lead us not into exploitation but deliver us from lording over you and over each other. And over all our fellow creatures.   For thine are the waters of life,  The hills, valleys and plains of home. The breeding, seeding , feeding ground. For now and for as close to forever as we shall ever come. ah!    Woman! This workshop will be held at Holistic Gateway In Little Canada  Friday April 15 from 7-8:30 pm.   AND/ or sat April 23 from 1-2:30.  If you w

New start time

 Next week Tues evening class will move to 6:15 start , ending at 7:30pm .  This class offers the option of.joining via zoom or in person. It is a very small class so if you like a small group setting this is your opportunity!  It is like a semi private class and cost is 16.00 or 14 for seniors, and low income.