Massage Instruction for Couples.

Did you know that I teach Yoga Instruction for couples?  You don't have to be intimidated by this photo.  Its really quite easy to do, but there are many other less intimidating things that I can teach you.. I like to call this "How to give a massage without hurting your hands".

So many couples would love to give and receive massage but quit after about 5 min. In the techniques that I will teach you , you don't have to worry about that since we use our knuckles, elbows, knees, feet and body weight.  Some of these techniques come from  Thai Yoga Therapy, some from barefoot shiatsu, or Ashiatsu...

 You can decide if you'd like to learn the clothes on or clothes off styles.   I know , the oil on bare skin (with candlelight) is really appealing, however, if you want to just receive and not have to feel pressure for it to lead to something more intimate, perhaps a clothes on style has it 's place.. ..sometimes.  We can book these sessions at my locations (Shoreve…

Terger Meditation Center

I'm going to this: Fri night 7-8:30 pm free public talk at Tergar Meditation Center in Northeast Mpls–Loving the World. Public Talk with Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted. Tim has a meditation center in Colorado.
(Followed by Weekend Workshop Nov. 16-17).In these turbulent times, the very idea of staying open and connected to others seems utterly far-fetched. And yet, the quality of our lives, and life itself, is completely dependent on the well-being of the entire human family. The key to discovering and opening to this reality rests on our ability to cultivate and maintain a warm and sensitive relationship to ourselves, our experience, and even to those people and circumstances with whom we have the most difficulty. Along the way, we discover a world that is rich, workable, and fundamentally good. Anyone interested in transforming their relationship to themselves and their world, old hands and those new to the path of meditation, will find this talk deeply enriching.

Thursday Yoga

Today, and every Thursday through Dec19th, Ruth Pauly will teach a seated chair yoga class from 5-6 followed by a "Body Flow Yoga" class from 6:15-7:30. Contact me for more info. 612 850-0071

Depression During the Holiday Season

After the Holidays, Now what? Holidays can be hard. Did the Holidays leave you feeling depleted? Practicing yoga with others can help you feel better! Together, we will learn how to face the darkness of the winter ahead.. Practice some basic poses with breathing and meditation techniques. After the first class, we will decide if the group would like to continue. Or, you will be able to ease into one of the ongoing classes.

This class has the option of recieving some body work along the lines of neck, shoulder, back massage. (hiyala is a massage therapist since 1994)
Cost is $20 for the first class. Payment required in advance. Payable with paypal : account

Sat December 28 2-3:30


With better concentration at school, better sleep at home, a decrease in bullying, and better cooperation in the classroom, the evidence for massage (good touch) is overwhelming. Hiyala can teach children to tell stories via backrubs with partners. It is amazing. The kids love it.  check out


Beth Ray's upcoming concert is called: Bhakti yoga.  Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion.  We will be talking about the portals that lead us to the spiritual path.  Everything from lifes difficulties, yoga to music to nature. Who or what has been your teacher?  How do you show your gratitude?  I did a retreat with Emily of Wisdom Dances this weekend.  She taught us circle dances that involve very simple steps.  The simplicity allows for one to "lose their little mind" and be present in community. This is an example of a portal that can lead to a spiritual path.  I expressed my gratitude by helping to serve the food during lunch and cleaning dishes at the end.

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