summer at Body Mind Circle

Missing the quieter life of Covid Times? Return to Yoga! Greetings!  We have been welcoming back many clients who have come to Hiyala for massage  and many students who have taken yoga in the past, and had to take a break due to covid and other reasons.  It is soo good to see everyone's face back in our healing open space at Peace church in Shoreview. (5050 Hodgeson Rd).  For info on massage with Hiyala please scroll down.  What style of yoga do I teach ?   Somebody asked me recently what the yoga that I teach is called.   Often , the style of yoga is determined by the lineage. I do not follow any one lineage. In my teacher training, I studied for 14 intensive days with Joseph LePage who calls his business, "Integrative Yoga Therapy". I did that training waayy back in 1994.  Since then  I have studied with many "master teachers" and what I teach is a combination of what I found most useful.  Because I am 66 and many of my students are over 55, I tend to cater to

Flip flops with arch support

 As you can tell from this photo of me in my mid 30s, I have a very high arch in my feet. In ballet classes, that gave me a very good point! I recently determined that I need more arch support that my flat sandals were giving me. I went to a shoe store in northtown mall called Tradewinds (I think?). I cant believe I spent 49.00 for a pair of flip flops But, they feel so good on my feet.  I'm not tired anymore in the early evenings.  Soon after, an ad for another flip flop made in Australia caught my attention.  It s a company called "Archies". They also determined that these flat flip flops cause foot and ankle problems.  One thing that happens is that you grip your toes cuz the strap is usually loose.  These fit tightly . No toe gripping.  Cost is only 25.00.  I am considering making them available in Shoreview  Would you be interested? Comes in many different colors   Right now I have one black pair, size 9 to sample.     

Aerial yoga, private and semiprivate

 Dont be intimidated by the idea of being "in the air" cuz there are plenty of things we can do at a height as low as 1'.  The sling can be helpful as support in many poses.  If you like the idea of inverting, that is an option on the higher sling. Cost: first time $25 per person per hour. Normal price is $60/hour. (Divide by 2 or three for semiprivate sessions) I also do aerial body work sessions (shiatsu) . With you in the sling, you will feel like you are floating. First time cost: $65. Regular price: $75/hour.

No yoga tues july 6th, but yes for wed july 7th

 Starting  that first week in July, evening yoga will start at 6:15pm, ending at 7:30.  Just the first week will be on wed night, the 2nd week we are back to tues night.

Sat morning outdoor yoga

 Do you know how great it is to do yoga under the blue sky, lying.on your back, looking up thru the branches of the trees?  It is one of lifes greatest pleasures! This gently challenging yoga class is ok for beginners.  More challenging poses will be offered to those who would like.  Hiyala will teach the next two Saturdays. June 12 and 19th.  We will be in the shade of a tree in the community gardens of Peace Lutheran church in coon rapids (university and northdale intersection). 9:30-10:45.  Please drive into the church  parking lot and around to the east side . Please bring a blanket or a beach towel or two. Suggested payment : $15 per adult, kids under 10, $5  each. Kids 11-17 $10 each . 

Schedule change!

 We have moved from thurs to tues pm for awhile, possibly all summer now.  5:30-6:45.  Perhaps the website doesnt show this change yet, but it will soons I can get to it! . We will be at Peace church in shoreview..  also, there will be a "yoga in the garden" class from 9to10 for the next three Saturdays.  We welcome kids! Suggested cost is $15/adult or $20 1 adult (over 15) with one child.

Beloved Mothers

 This is a photo of myself  with Marc and my mom. My mom died in Oct of 2017. I still cant quite believe that she's not here.  Death is surreal. I still miss her. But I'm glad to be able to celebrate Mother's day with Laverne, my step mom today at lake harriet.    I send love to all of you who are moms and those who have lost their moms as well as moms who have survived the loss of a child.  These are the sufferings of human beings.  Because I am a student of Budhism, I do talk about suffering in my classes.  Not in a down and out way, but I I recognize it as a human condition.  And we talk about ways to overcome suffering.  One of those ways is to find the stillness within.  That is the neutral ground that is untainted by our perceptions.  Do let me know if you are interested in learning meditation.  I teach this in private sessions. And I'm also offering thai massage again.  Since it's a clothes on style of massage we can meet at any park.  Or indoors at Peace in