Thai yoga massage!

Feeling like you could benefit from a good stretch? In Thai yoga therapy the Therapist presses along the energy meridian lines and presses you into a stretch, holding it as you breath into it and stretch further. Its like having yoga "done to you". You just relax and let the stretching happen. The client is fully clothed and usually lays on the ground but these movements can also be adapted to a massage table. I love meeting clients in a park. It's wonderful and relaxing to look up into the sky or tree branches.

Womens retreat

I'll be teaching Thai yoga massage at this retreat in Sandstone the end of April if you have clients, friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in this wonderful weekend, please share this event page with them: womens-wellness-weekend- spring-2022/ The webpage is now updated with class list, tentative weekend schedule and class descriptions - what a great lineup!

Earth day Movement classes

 Connect with the Earth this Earth day.  We will hopefully be outside ... under a blue sky.  Come  learn a prayerful movement sequence much like Tai chi.  Hiyala choreographed this to the feminine version of the Lord's Prayer. You will learn the prayer line by line with the movements.   Our Mother, which art the Earth, nurturing are thy ways, thy web of life be woven, thy way be found within as it is all around.  Thank you this day, For our bread and sweat, And forgive us our misuse of you, as we forgive others their misuse of us.  And lead us not into exploitation but deliver us from lording over you and over each other. And over all our fellow creatures.   For thine are the waters of life,  The hills, valleys and plains of home. The breeding, seeding , feeding ground. For now and for as close to forever as we shall ever come. ah!    Woman! This workshop will be held at Holistic Gateway In Little Canada  Friday April 15 from 7-8:30 pm.   AND/ or sat April 23 from 1-2:30.  If you w

New start time

 Next week Tues evening class will move to 6:15 start , ending at 7:30pm .  This class offers the option of.joining via zoom or in person. It is a very small class so if you like a small group setting this is your opportunity!  It is like a semi private class and cost is 16.00 or 14 for seniors, and low income. 

Who am i?

  This is one of the questions yoga helps us to answer.  Because things are always changing, it is a question we should ask ourselves often.  Here is my answer: As a 67 year old yoga instructor having taught for almost 30 years,  I cater to people who are having difficulties moving due to injuries, aging or inactivity. I have had many body issues over the course of my lifetime and I have great compassion.  I also welcome people who are fit and want to stay that way! All ages and sizes welcome. I teach yoga as a spiritual practice and I integrate teachings from various spiritual perspectives. short meditations and breath work sessions are woven thru the practice. I love teaching massage to couples. I teach techniques from thai , shiatsu and swedish massage. Using our feet and body weight helps make it easier to give a good massage. I have done massage for more than 20 years. I use tools from thai, shiatsu , swedish as well as myofascial release and positional release. I currently do mas

Yoga for the Heart

 Got any special plans for valentines day?  Check out this yoga class with Hiyala.  Where is the love?  Is it just a lot of talk?  How can we really tap into our heart energy?  What are the benefits of doing so?  Is pink the color we should associate with the heart?  Do you know the heart point on the palm that is easy to access and helps to calm the emotions?   We will be practicing some easy back bending poses. For those who are flexible and more advanced you can show us your backbend!  You will also get a chance to try the aerial yoga sling. If you want to hang upside down u can. There are other options as well.   Sat Feb 12th 3-4:15. Cost is 15 per person or 25 for 2. For those who want more aerial, you can sign up for an extra 60mn for  $20 per person. 4 people max for the 2 slings. This class can also be a stand alone class.. No need to attend previous class first.  For either class,  Please prepay to paypal account. Peace Church.  5050 hodgeson road Shorevie

Creating an inspiring space for yourself to be creative and yoga via zoom on tuesday nights

  I am taking a yoga class thru tula with CarrieYourYogi . We are using the book, "Way of the Artist". Our assignment for this week is to think about our ideal space for creating our Art. We were to consider what season inspires us the most and to either draw or collage a picture would show the elements that would be best. I was stuck. I thought , this is sort of a silly waste of my time cuz I can 't really change my situation. I feel lucky to have a small room in our small home where I can do my art.. However, my art these days is mostly writing emails to friends, writing in my journal "memoirs" and learning songs that inspire me . I am pretty sure that Im' not the only one that has resistance to some assignments that are given to us by our teachers. So, im just writing about the process of where thinking about doing this assignment led me . It feels sort of futile really , as I 'm quite sure that we will not be moving ever again ( I hate moving!)