New Year Reset

Special Classes to start your 2020 off right.Come practice some ways to stay AFLOAT in 2020 Choose from Sat Dec 28th,   Sat Jan 11th, or Wed Jan 1 (note the different times for this wed class).

Come and take one class each day, or both. There will be a 30 min break in between allowing people to walk the labyrinth outside by the fire pit, or chat, or snack. .On Wed Jan 1, the same classes will be offered, however we will start at 11am, The 2nd class will begin at 1:00.
This is the schedule for Dec 28th and Jan 11th. 1:30-3: Yin Yoga with Thai Yoga Massage

A great opportunity to revive and reset after the holidays.Using long holdssupported by blocks and bolsters along with breath work to release into tight spaces - Yin Yoga helps us to let go and relax.Thai Yoga Message is a clothes on style of message. Hiyala might use her hands or feet to  press into the energy meridians or use an assisted stretch to help you release deeper into the pose. (Honoring that not everyone likes to be touch…

The Art of Giving Gratitude

Thanksgiving. The Art of giving gratitude.  I am so thankful for all the usual things.  The special people and animals in my life, but also the less obvious, like the garbage collectors.  omg!  I cannot imagine what our world would look like without them!  Every time the garbage truck comes around, my husband Marc says, "thank God for the Garbage collectors"!  I'm also grateful for all the people in public service. The people who work on the roads... (35w is looking so beautiful!) and the people who keep us safe (police people, and the fire fighters) as well as people who work to prevent bad stuff from happening to the Earth and the natural areas that we enjoy, The water protectors!   I wish I could help in that endeavor but we all choose our areas of volunteerism.  I'm also thankfull for the politicians who are working so hard to preserve our democracy...and...the HUGE amount of help and support I'm getting from Ruth in recreating my website and my newsletters.…

How are you?

It's almost 2020.  How are you? I mean , really......, how are you? Time to pay attention to that very important person who is YOU?

I am offering two classes in Shoreview on sat Dec 28.  One is restorative Yin with bodywork. 1:30-3, then "life review" using an organic analogy to look back on your life and perhaps clarify your dharma. 3:30-4:30. 

Both together are only $25 advance pay by Dec 24. After that date: $35.
Hope to see you for one or both.

Seated Chair Yoga

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.  Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Especially good for those with injuries/stiffness; needing to go slow.  We will do full range of motion of joints while seated. Learn proper alignment in poses.  Learn how to make the poses work for you by using props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs.
Moving to the floor will not be required for this class.
A great way to "move"!  Come join us - click "HERE" for more info!

Massage Instruction for Couples.

Did you know that Hiyala teaches Yoga Instruction for couples?  You don't have to be intimidated by this photo.  It's really quite easy to do, but there are many other less intimidating things that I can teach you. I like to call this "How to give a massage without hurting your hands".

So many couples would love to give and receive massage but quit after about 5 min. In the techniques that I will teach you, you don't have to worry about that since we use our knuckles, elbows, knees, feet and body weight.  Some of these techniques come from  Thai Yoga Therapy, some from barefoot shiatsu, or Ashiatsu.

 You can decide if you'd like to learn the clothes on or clothes off styles.   I know, the oil on bare skin (with candlelight) is really appealing, however, if you want to just receive and not have to feel pressure for it to lead to something more intimate, perhaps a clothes on style has it 's place.....sometimes.  We can book these sessions at my locations (…

Terger Meditation Center

I'm going to this: Fri night 7-8:30 pm free public talk at Tergar Meditation Center in Northeast Mpls–Loving the World. Public Talk with Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted. Tim has a meditation center in Colorado.
(Followed by Weekend Workshop Nov. 16-17).In these turbulent times, the very idea of staying open and connected to others seems utterly far-fetched. And yet, the quality of our lives, and life itself, is completely dependent on the well-being of the entire human family. The key to discovering and opening to this reality rests on our ability to cultivate and maintain a warm and sensitive relationship to ourselves, our experience, and even to those people and circumstances with whom we have the most difficulty. Along the way, we discover a world that is rich, workable, and fundamentally good. Anyone interested in transforming their relationship to themselves and their world, old hands and those new to the path of meditation, will find this talk deeply enriching.

Thursday Yoga

Today, and every Thursday through Dec19th, Ruth Pauly will teach a seated chair yoga class from 5-6 followed by a "Body Flow Yoga" class from 6:15-7:30. Contact me for more info. 612 850-0071