Sacred song circle (kirtan)

  Stay tuned for more "solid " information.  For now, please mark your calendars for the Saturday of halloween weekend.  This kirtan (sacred song circle) will be lead by Danielle and Julia (first and Third photo above).  Weather allowing, we will be outside.  Yoga class with the aerial yoga sling before or after the kirtan ($20, prepaid)  . Kirtan will begin about 4pm ( donations gratefullly accepted)

do you have "catastrophe burn out?"

  From ann lamotte: I have catastrophe burn out. I wish there was a box I could check on the menu that said, “Gone Fishing.” Ukraine has taken up most of my compassion budget, the earth’s heat wave has used up my allocation for terror, and then we have dear brother Trump’s steady poll numbers. And this does not even include the grief I feel for the people in my own small galaxy, where friends are under siege from disease, mental illness, and children of all ages who have had failure to thrive for decades. Life has been way, way too lifey this summer. I am kind of despaired out. So now what? Where is the renewal of energy and hope and willingness to help? I don’t know. But something has got to arise because I am shutting down: half and hour ago, I went to the Red Cross website to donate to the people on Maui, a place where I have experienced paradise a dozen times. As I was completing the form, a window popped up asking for a $12.99 processing fee. Really? I declined

Outdoor/Indoor Yoga on Tuesdays

  now accepting new students in both of these classes OUTDOOR YOGA CIRCLE PINES TUESDAYS 4:30-5:45PM YOGA STYLE: GENTLE, KIND GREAT   FOR STRESS RELIEF   OR THOSE WHO ARE RECOVERING FROM INJURIES..   INDOOR YOGA, Peace Church .  5050  Hodgeson Rd in Shoreview Tuesdays 9:30-10:45 yoga style:  Gentle, kind It is best to have had at least 6 classes of yoga before joining this class FFI: BODYMINDCIRCLE.COM OR TEXT 612 850-0071

couples massage techniques class

  Enhance your relationship with massage! Date night or Saturday afternoon. Learn Massage Techniques that won’t hurt your hands Learn the techniques of Thai and Shiatsu massage at Body Mind Circle in Circle Pines, where expert massage therapists show students how to provide soothing, stress-relieving treatments: Location: , Peace Church 5050 Hodgeson Road.  Shoreview  Times and dates: Group class is $100 per couple and is open to 4 couples.  Choose from 4:30-6:30 or 7 -9 pm on Sat July 29 th. .   If you are interested, but can’t attend that date, pls  let me know  and I’ll put you on the list for the next class, or choose a private session .  Private sessions cost $125  for 1.5 hours. These can be  held at your home or at Peace church. Swedish massage techniques are also an option for your in home massage instruction.  To reserve your spot , send an email to or text 612 850-0071 with your choice of date/time and we’ll send you an invoice to pay to our payp

Wednesday 4pm- 5:15 Free for new students! gentle yogaclass added : June 21

  This one time special Wed 4pm outdoor  class will be a gently challenging class. We will be on the floor half of the time and standing half .  benches and the walls  are used as support in balancing poses. Breathing and short meditations are woven into each class. Perfect for those who are a bit "out of shape" .  Extra challenges will be offered to those who are in great shape!   starting July 11th:   Tuesdays  4:30-5:45pm.   This is a semi private class and the cost is $20 per class.   Location :  small shelter  by osprey nest, behind Golden Lake Elementary school.   Watch for a half day retreat: Yoga, meditation, Thai massage and aerial yoga.  Let me know of your interest.  Also in Shoreview.

Not feeling like a spring chick?? Come try a yoga class! Tues April 19th.. 9:30-10:45. $10 for your first class.

  For new students!  or those who haven't been to yoga for awhile: Spring is a time of new possibilities.  If  you've been looking for a way to re-connect with your body in a meaningful way..... if you have a new commitment to creating better health for yourself, ... sign up for this yoga class.  For those who are more youthfull, athletic  or advanced, I will offer more challenging poses.  For those who are feeling stiff and less confident, (beginners), I will introduce you to some of the basic poses as well as the breathing that we do .  Please sign up by contacting me via email:  I will ask you to pay $10 in advance so that I know for sure that we will have enough people for a class.  I look forward to meeting you! I used to wonder about the Bunnies and Eggs theme of Easter.  I mean, how do Bunnies and Eggs (and candy) relate to Christ?    In pagan times, before Christ, and before Easter was a holiday, the people celebrated the nicer weather of Spring t

Suffering and gratitude

 What follows  is copied from the Common Ground meditation Center's (in mpls) newsletter.  In Buddhism, dukka  (suffering) is accepted as a human condition and it is believed that we can overcome suffering by learning the various practices that help us to tune into our pure nature such as meditation and yoga And offering gratitude As students of the Buddha’s teachings, we learn to return over and over again to the direct immediate and intimate study of dukkha, the pervasive and inherent unsatisfactoriness of existence. This insight does not discount the many joyful and beautiful experiences in life, they are real, but they do not satisfy in a lasting way. As it turns out, understanding the underlying nature of dukkha is our most trustworthy, sobering, and ultimately liberating teacher. Although we will resist giving it the curious and careful attention that it deserves, the study of suffering and its release is the best use of this human life. When teaching about dukkha, Ajahn Chah