From a former student

 Annie was a student of mine for about 4 years and then went to Costa Rica to become trained as a yoga teacher. I just found this kind tribute to me on her website.  To my teacher Hiyala Indiga.who has supported me throughout this journey and has taught me through example to embrace each day as it comes. To appreciate the little things in life like the sunrise and the sunsets. Because of Her I have learned to be more present and to bring more awareness into my life. For this I am forever grateful. Thank you Annie!   She has made a big impact on my life as well... helping me so very much through both my mom and dad's end of life.  She teaches yoga and does wonderful reiki healing at her studio, Shanti Om in Lino Lakes..

Fall retreat oct 29

.   It was a wonderful day for an outdoor  kirtan at body mind circle in shoreview on Saturday. Thank you Dani Coffield  and julia and Harmony and those who showed up with love in their hearts and  sang and played other instruments to honor the One spirit within us all.  to him onor the One spirit within us all.

Retreat today!

 Margaret Roach writes in her gardening column this week, “Plants are flopping, and leaves are dropping; the garden is letting go.”  Letting go is hard. In yoga we study our tendencies to cling.  Our aversion to change.  Well, the changes are happening whether we like it or not. Embrace change. Watch the judgements we have about it. Oh!  Its time for the leaves to fall now.Luckily , the leaves falling can be a pretty sight. It's going to be a beautiful day in minnesota..At peace church we'll be singing bhajans outside around a small fire at 4.  This portion of the retreat Is open by donation (scroll past photo) and there's still room for more in the yoga class that follows the kirtan.please text me if you plan to come!  I m going to be busy getting it all together today, so if you don't get a reply from me..just come. 5050 hodgeson rd. In shoreview. Ffi:

What is kirtan?

On Sat October 29th  Body Mind Circle will host a kirtan with Danielle (left) and Julia (right).  Some of you may not really know what kirtan is.   To me, kirtan is like using the energy of vibration to open things up in our body.  There is the vibration of our vocal  cords as we sing simple repeating words called mantras. Since the vocal cords are in the throat, it opens the 5th Chakra and the heart Chakra lies just below, with the third eye just above. It often results in us feelings of peace and Harmony with those around us. In this room, in this this state... in this planet.  Anyone who has sung in a choir can attest to that. There is also a spiritual aspect to a kirtan. For some it might just be about the hypnotic effect of chanting that brings us into a meditative single pointed focus. For others, it may be more profound.  This was written by Dani Coffield, the gal who will be leading our kirtan Oct 29.  We experience the energy and vibrations of communal singing, conne

Retreat update! Sat Oct 29th

  Retreat update:  Who are you without your mask?  Please join us authentically in heart space for kirtan by the firepit with Dani and Julia 4pm -5:30. If u have allergies to smoke or outdoor plants let us know. We can be indoors instead. Donations accepted for rental of space and /or for a future kirtan!.  Touch Point Yoga class with hiyala. Including lots of touch  to move people into better alignment As well as Thai yoga and a chance to try aerial yoga. 2-3:30 or 6:30- 7:45. Time in between classes and kirtan to eat, journal, or walk the labyrinth out back. Please prepay $20 for either yoga class or both for $35.  Location: Peace Church 5050 Hodgeson Rd. Just 15 mn from downtown mpls or st paul. Ffi: facebook/bodymindcircle-yoga  & Julia Beasley DRetreat  I am calling this retreat , "Without the mask, who am i? since it is a fews days before Halloween, and because during covid so many of us had "identity crisises". Each class is $20. Or both for

my yoga class schedule update for Aug/Sept

 This is a photo of Amma that I have..  She used to be in my studio,  now she is in my home.. smiling at me..  I have a larger portrait of Amma that I am willing to sell.  It is a black and white pen drawing witha beautiful frame.. if interested, let me know and i'll send details.  Update:  I am still teaching two classes a week: Tuesday 9:30-10:45 at Peace.  This is a semi private class with a limit of 6. There is currently room for 2 more. If there is room, Cost per class is $20 drop In or 18.00 (seniors). If you can commit to attending every week in the by paying in advance,  the cost is 18/class. Or 16 for seniors. Thursdays, outdoors in Circle Pines 5-6:15pm ..also semi private.same pay scale as above.  We will be back at Peace end of September or possibly sooner if someone wants to join who cannot be outside New! I am also teaching a class at the Rookery in Lino Lakes (used to be a YMCA), now it is a community center..  Tuesdays                  4:30-5:30 yoga beautiful setti

4 sale: yoga books, blocks, sandbags, bolsters

 4 sale:  yoga books, blocks, sandbags, bolsters..   I am getting rid of a lot of yoga cds, and all things used for yoga /pilates classes..  I have about 3 big balls.. Lots of books.. I will post photos sometime today or tonight..   Located in Shoreview..  I teach my classes at Peace United Church , 5050 hodgeson road