Blessings of a.teacher

A former student posted this on facebook: Hiyala, you were my first yoga teacher and a wonderful influence in my life!  Thank you for being there for me!  10 years now! Anne B
July 1st 2020. Another student responded:
Although I haven't seen you in a very long time, I couldn't agree more--you have also been a wonderful influence in my life! I hope you are doing well and enjoying time with your new kitty. Think of you and the yoga group often and hope to see you soon.

Kim M
I too remember with gratitude my yoga teachers: locally , william protengeier. And the teacher I studied with for 14 days to become certified: Joseph LePage of Integrated Yoga Therapy. Many others over the years.
Outdoor yoga schedule:
Tues 9:30 am class will meet at Turtle Lake Park again this week and perhaps the next.  When the weather gets unbearable, we will probably be at the church in Shoreview, 5050 hodgeson which is just kiddy corner, northeast of Turtle lake Park.
Tues Pm class will be on the dock from 5-6:15 for at least a couple of weeks.. At some point, we will move to a 6:15 start time since it will be a bit cooler.  From the clock tower roundabout just east of McDonalds in Circle Pines, you can just see the tip of the green pavillion.  Here are some photos..  please call in advance to register and i'll give you more complete instructions for parking,etc.

Tues am class has been via zoom but we anticipate that we will be back in the church by next tues june16.yay!
Tues evening yoga will be on the dock east of McDonalds in Circle Pines when the weather is nice . Today, the 9th, weather will not support that so class will be on Thursday 5-6:15 instead. In upcoming weeks, we will be at church if the bad on Tues evening 5-6:15.

Yoga outdoors on the dock in Circle Pines

Hello. We will have a yoga class on the dock at the clock tower roundabout this coming Tues from 4:30 -5:45. There is always a cool breeze on the dock. Please email or call if you are interested in attending. We are limited to 6 people to allow for adequate spacing. In the coming weeks there will be another class from 6 to 7:15. Also on the dock.  If you are new to yoga, the 4:30 class time is the best option, altho the 6pm class is also a gentle class.

Thurs pm zoom checkin next week, May 14 at 6

If you are interested in joining a yoga class via zoom,led by hiyala, come to our first meeting via zoom next thursday May14.Let me know of your interest so I can send you the link. We will talk about how things are going for us, and how a zoomclass would work.  We'll do a quick meditation and some breathing techniques for increasing our immune system and decreasing anxiety. I look forward to seeing you.

Earth Connection Outdoor Yoga For All Ages

Earth Day  April 22nd
Earth Connection Outdoor yoga for all ages Please join me in a family yoga practice outdoors.  Find Peace, Have fun!   At Turtle Lake Park, North of Hwy 96 on Hodgson.  (Park is after Chipewa Middle School on the left in Shoreview) To allow for spacing, there are three times offered (if possible please call and let me know if you plan to come and how many.  12 noon – 12:45, or 1-1:30  (only 30 minutes) or 4- 5pm. By donation. All proceeds will be donated to Sierra Club Hiyala Indiga has been teaching 20+ years.  She had a studio in Circle Pines and now has a Tues am Zoom yoga class for anyone who has had at least 4-6 in person yoga classes.  During Non Covid days regular yoga classes were and will continue at Peace United church and at the clock tower roundabout dock in Circle Pines on Tues pm . www. 
text 612 850-0071
On this eve of Good Friday, I would like to Send out prayers to all those who are afflicted by this virus.  (we all are , on some level ) but especially, I send prayers to the people of India as they fight this virus.   Especially the poor people who have a harder time distancing.  I  express my gratitude to India for giving us the rich practice of yoga. I was raised as a Lutheran , but I didn't really connect to the teachings from that tradition. Altho I do honor them and think Jesus was an amazing teacher .  During these days of the virus, I'm just so happy to be able to find solace in my practice , alone and with others.  Thank you to the students who have come to my classes over the last 20 years. I think about you and pray for you years after you came for your last class.  I will always consider myself blessed to have been your teacher.  or your massage therapist..   or your French teacher.  or your portrait artist .. or your friend.