Thai massage video

 I'm not sure if you will be able to access this don't have Facebook, but give it a try: Some really good moves here!

Healing w Hiyala, review

Hello Hiyala......Your healing work was wonderful yesterday. The way you had the mat and blankets set out I felt like I was in an indigenous healing house. You knew exactly what I needed  to unwind from the stress of too much driving and a way too busy December.  I am always grateful to you....your skills and your kind and open heart.... the whole person you are. Have a beautiful day

An excellent teacher

 A student sent me this and it made my day so I want to share it:  I think you did a great job with the class yesterday.  You were helpful with the new student and your comments on how seasoned yoga students can benefit from using a beginner's point of view was very poignant. I remember early on when I first started doing yoga that you would say "don't compare yourself to anyone else in the room" and I needed that reminder at the time because, of course, that is exactly what one does. That's what makes you such an excellent teacher. You are good at "reading the room."

Massage yes! /No yoga classes

 No yoga classes these last three weeks of December.  There will be healing sessions using thai yoga therapy  available at a special discounted rate now until Jan 30. 1 hour.. reg $75, now 70.   1.5 hours ..reg 112, now 107.

Hard times for some

Journaling/Meditative Inquiry When I feel overwhelmed by negativity or darkness, how can remember to call upon my inner guide for wisdom and support? How can I allow her to care for me? How can I approach myself with kindness and self-compassion during dark times?   This blog has been adapted from from my holiday gift,  10 Days of Kindness Journal for Yoga Teachers  – I hope you will download it and enjoy! When you  click on the link, i t will download automatically – and I hope you will download it even if you aren’t a yoga professional!💖(If you have any trouble you can always reach out for help,

War and Peace: Veterans Day thots

  Thanking the veterans for their service. My Grandpa lost a twin brother who fought in France and is buried there. Marc was a marine.. One of my nieces went thru Officer training for the Marines and is stationed in Hawaii. ..and I was in the Army reserves! I had just come home from almost a year in France and wanted to continue to learn French so I signed up and went to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey Ca. Free language training! Looking back, it's hard to believe that I did it . I'm not gonna lie. Much of it was weird. Like boot camp, for example. I wasn't really all that patriotic either. I had just spent a year in France and there's a lot of adaptation to a new culture that makes you sort of embaressed of your own cultural norms. I've always been anti war. But it's a privileged thing to be. It's easy to say that until your family, your land, your way of life is threatened. I do wonder about how people ever get over it .. How do the ja

Sacred song circle (kirtan)

  Stay tuned for more "solid " information.  For now, please mark your calendars for the Saturday of halloween weekend.  This kirtan (sacred song circle) will be lead by Danielle and Julia (first and Third photo above).  Weather allowing, we will be outside.  Yoga class with the aerial yoga sling before or after the kirtan ($20, prepaid)  . Kirtan will begin about 4pm ( donations gratefullly accepted)