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 Here are a few comments from Hiyala’s  clients:
Sue N talks about her yoga experience:  Jump ahead to 2002 and I was turning 50.  Yoga was booming!  Along with a girlfriend, I signed up for Hiyala’s classes at the Shoreview Community Center.  And I have now been taking classes from her for 16 years!!
Practicing Yoga just helps me to remember to slow down – do my stretches when I take the dog out first thing in the morning and last thing at night, smell the Spring funk, the newly cut grass, “the roses”, the bonfire, the pine needles. It is exposure to different cultures, languages, philosophies.  The people I’ve met in yoga classes are truly inspiring.  Plus, we never miss a Birthday without a party!
Someone said “The only thing people who do Yoga love more than doing Yoga, is talking about it.”  That’s me!  Please come join us!
This missive was supposed to be about my Yoga Journey  but now, I need to put in a few words about Hiyala.
She is patient, kind and is clear in her instruction.  She is very tuned into the individual needs of her students.  She emphasizes that’s important in each lesson.  She is an avid reader and as a student herself, she obtains deep knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand.  She challenges her students with the very questions she deals with while studying a subject.
If that sounded too academic, it is because I plucked it from a Letter of Recommendation I wrote for Hiyala when she was applying for a school teacher job.]

Assisted cobra pose opens the chest and stimulates the heart and lungs
“Thai massage was wonderful — I loved being stretched, pulled, trampled, molded. I felt way good in my body afterwards and still. Something I noticed after I got home and was doing some balance was so steady..interesting. Also, I have not been sleeping so great and last night slept like a stone in the river… Thank you also for your insight and suggestions and helpfulness.”  Laurie Horvath
“My experience with Hiyala doing bodywork  has been very positive. She is very competent, and able to locate the tight spots in my body-  esp. muscles  that need to be loosened and released. In addition to Thai massage, she is also good with regular massage. She is the best investment I have for my health and well-being.  And I recommend her highly.” Tom
Hiyala may be God’s angel on this earth!
From a male client who contacted me for massage. Because of the ambiguous nature of massage, I have to make sure that my clients are coming to me for therapeutic massage, so I usually ask what is the reason they are coming for massage?  This man’s reply was so well put that I asked if I could share it with you on my website:
“Over the past six months or so I’ve been refocusing on taking better care of myself.  More of what’s good, less of what’s bad.  My wife goes for a massage somewhat regularly, and thought it would be a good complement to my overall program of better health.  I’ve also been spending a bit more time thinking about spirituality, and I found your web site interesting.  Stressful times at work have me feeling I need to spend some of my energies elsewhere.”
“A relationship with a massage therapist is far more than the dollar amount of the service.  I can’t think of many services that are more dependent on the connection between provider and client, and the techniques used are certainly a distinguishing factor that is not driven by price.  Businesses constantly try to differentiate themselves by quality and service, but few have the opportunity to provide as much distinction as you have in your profession. ”  Mike


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