Pilates mat class tues oct 20

Pilates is great for strengthening abdominals! Strong abs will help reduce back pain.  Most of the time we are on our backs. Less up and down than in yoga. 

If you'd like to try it , come for a class this Tuesday Oct 20 9:30-10:30. We are inside Peace United church.please park in front of the church and enter thru that door. It is a large space and students are spread far apart. We wear masks until we are set up on our mats. If you dont have a mat, I have one you can borrow. Class size is less than 5 right now. text me to let me know if you plan to come to any class.(612)850-0071.

Mat Pilates might be added soon on thursday am 10-11. Let me know of your interest.


hiyala said…
Tues pm yoga class canceled due to snow.
hiyala said…
pilates mat class this thurs and next!

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