Wednesday 4pm- 5:15 Free for new students! gentle yogaclass added : June 21


This one time special Wed 4pm outdoor  class will be a gently challenging class. We will be on the floor half of the time and standing half .  benches and the walls  are used as support in balancing poses. Breathing and short meditations are woven into each class. Perfect for those who are a bit "out of shape" .  Extra challenges will be offered to those who are in great shape!  

starting July 11th:   Tuesdays  4:30-5:45pm.  

This is a semi private class and the cost is $20 per class.  

Location :  small shelter  by osprey nest, behind Golden Lake Elementary school.  

Watch for a half day retreat: Yoga, meditation, Thai massage and aerial yoga.  Let me know of your interest.  Also in Shoreview.


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