Not feeling like a spring chick?? Come try a yoga class! Tues April 19th.. 9:30-10:45. $10 for your first class.


For new students!  or those who haven't been to yoga for awhile: Spring is a time of new possibilities.  If  you've been looking for a way to re-connect with your body in a meaningful way..... if you have a new commitment to creating better health for yourself, ... sign up for this yoga class. 

For those who are more youthfull, athletic  or advanced, I will offer more challenging poses.  For those who are feeling stiff and less confident, (beginners), I will introduce you to some of the basic poses as well as the breathing that we do .  Please sign up by contacting me via email:  I will ask you to pay $10 in advance so that I know for sure that we will have enough people for a class.  I look forward to meeting you!

I used to wonder about the Bunnies and Eggs theme of Easter.  I mean, how do Bunnies and Eggs (and candy) relate to Christ?   

In pagan times, before Christ, and before Easter was a holiday, the people celebrated the nicer weather of Spring time by frollicking.. and sometimes that frollicking and gaeity led to Love making.  and with love making came babies.. or, perhaps the babies that were the results of love making during those dark winter nights were being born.  Therefore, the bunnies.. Rabbits are known to be prolific breaders.  Rabbits also represent abundance for that same reason.  In the old days, the more children you had, the more workers you had in the fields and therefore, possibility of more income! 

Eggs also represent new life..  and possibilities.. The birthing of new ideas..  

These are still relevant reasons to celebrate!  

I was raised in the Lutheran tradition and I do believe that Christ was an amazing teacher. He introduced so many concepts such as "turn the other cheek" instead of fighting for revenge.  He also taught that the kingdom of heaven lies within us.   There is a book about the lost years of Christ where it is speculated that he traveled to India where he learned many ideas that are also found in Buddhism.  

Perhaps when he says the Kingdom of heaven lies within us, he is referring to meditation?   If we learn to meditate, we can temper our thoughts and feelings..  We aren't as reactive.  We turn within and find that peaceful center where we feel our basic nature of goodness.  

Bunnies, Eggs and Christ consciousness to you!  


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