From a former student

 Annie was a student of mine for about 4 years and then went to Costa Rica to become trained as a yoga teacher. I just found this kind tribute to me on her website. 

To my teacher Hiyala Indiga.who has supported me throughout this journey and has taught me through example to embrace each day as it comes. To appreciate the little things in life like the sunrise and the sunsets. Because of her I have learned to be more present and to bring more awareness into my life. For this I am forever grateful.

Thank you Annie! 

 She has made a big impact on my life as well... helping me so very much through both my mom and dad's end of life.  She teaches yoga and does wonderful reiki healing at her studio, Shanti Om in Lino Lakes..

I just would like to add that being a yoga instructor has been a great honor.  Anyone who has taught yoga feels the same, I am sure.  We care so deeply about our students. If i have a student that is going thru some difficulties whether it is physical or emotional , I include them in my prayers/meditations during the week. I plan my lesson plans around  students' physical challenges.  Even when you leave my class, I am still thinking about you .. no matter how much you spoke up in class or how many classes you came to ..  There is a buddhist saying about material items that there is a string of energy flowing from us to everything we own..  Yikes.. ! that can be draining! But I also feel that there is a flow from me to all of the people who have been in my class.  And that is not draining.. . 

 I have also started to teach in a Fitness center and it is very different.  Whereas in my studio, I know all my students very well, in the Fitness center there are a few that come regularly, and others flow in and out.. The feeling is very different for the student.. to be doing yoga with other people you know well.  and for the me as the teacher...from working with students that I know well, to having a mix and maybe not even knowing the names of some who show up because they may have come in late, or they might even leave early !  that is something I havent' yet been able to get used to .. sometimes people join 5, 10 , 15 minutes late sometimes. It's very accomodating for the student -  to not feel bad about "being late".  Things happen.  Traffic, appointments end later than anticipated, etc.  And, it is very different than teaching a class where you all arrive at once, everyone gets greeted by the teacher and everyone leaves at the very end . 


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