Retreat today!

 Margaret Roach writes in her gardening column this week, “Plants are flopping, and leaves are dropping; the garden is letting go.”  Letting go is hard. In yoga we study our tendencies to cling.  Our aversion to change.  Well, the changes are happening whether we like it or not. Embrace change. Watch the judgements we have about it. Oh!  Its time for the leaves to fall now.Luckily , the leaves falling can be a pretty sight.

It's going to be a beautiful day in minnesota..At peace church we'll be singing bhajans outside around a small fire at 4.  This portion of the retreat Is open by donation (scroll past photo)

and there's still room for more in the yoga class that follows the kirtan.please text me if you plan to come!  I m going to be busy getting it all together today, so if you don't get a reply from me..just come. 5050 hodgeson rd. In shoreview. Ffi:


I came to the retreat because I missed being around like minded people. It was my first time doing aerial yoga. I was a little fearful at first, but those playful memories from childhood came back. Yes, I can do this! The different stations Hiyala had set up, opened my eyes,once again to all the different tools we have for self care. This took me out of my routine and reset my practice. It was a peace filled time outside singing with the Kirtan musicians. The day was beautiful, and that night I slept like a baby!

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