Earth day Movement classes

 Connect with the Earth this Earth day.  We will hopefully be outside ... under a blue sky.  Come  learn a prayerful movement sequence much like Tai chi.  Hiyala choreographed this to the feminine version of the Lord's Prayer. You will learn the prayer line by line with the movements.  

Our Mother, which art the Earth, nurturing are thy ways, thy web of life be woven, thy way be found within as it is all around.  Thank you this day,

For our bread and sweat,

And forgive us our misuse of you, as we forgive others their misuse of us. 

And lead us not into exploitation but deliver us from lording over you and over each other. And over all our fellow creatures.  

For thine are the waters of life, 

The hills, valleys and plains of home. The breeding, seeding , feeding ground. For now and for as close to forever as we shall ever come.

ah!    Woman!

This workshop will be held at Holistic Gateway In Little Canada

 Friday April 15 from 7-8:30 pm.   AND/ or sat April 23 from 1-2:30.  If you want to be sure to learn the movement sequence, sign up for both.  A future date will occur if there is enough interest. If the weather allows we will be outside.

 Cost is $20 per person.  If you attend both days, $30.

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