Who am i?

  This is one of the questions yoga helps us to answer.  Because things are always changing, it is a question we should ask ourselves often.  Here is my answer:

As a 67 year old yoga instructor having taught for almost 30 years,  I cater to people who are having difficulties moving due to injuries, aging or inactivity. I have had many body issues over the course of my lifetime and I have great compassion.

 I also welcome people who are fit and want to stay that way! All ages and sizes welcome.

I teach yoga as a spiritual practice and I integrate teachings from various spiritual perspectives. short meditations and breath work sessions are woven thru the practice.

I love teaching massage to couples. I teach techniques from thai , shiatsu and swedish massage. Using our feet and body weight helps make it easier to give a good massage.

I have done massage for more than 20 years. I use tools from thai, shiatsu , swedish as well as myofascial release and positional release.

I currently do massage in Shoreview and Spring Lake Park. Before covid I did masssage for employees of HCMC and I miss that.. 

Who are you, and how has it changed since covid?


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