Sat morning outdoor yoga

 Do you know how great it is to do yoga under the blue sky, lying.on your back, looking up thru the branches of the trees?  It is one of lifes greatest pleasures!

This gently challenging yoga class is ok for beginners.  More challenging poses will be offered to those who would like.  Hiyala will teach the next two Saturdays. June 12 and 19th.  We will be in the shade of a tree in the community gardens of Peace Lutheran church in coon rapids (university and northdale intersection). 9:30-10:45.  Please drive into the church  parking lot and around to the east side . Please bring a blanket or a beach towel or two.

Suggested payment : $15 per adult, kids under 10, $5  each. Kids 11-17 $10 each . 


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