Flip flops with arch support

 As you can tell from this photo of me in my mid 30s, I have a very high arch in my feet. In ballet classes, that gave me a very good point!

I recently determined that I need more arch support that my flat sandals were giving me. I went to a shoe store in northtown mall called Tradewinds (I think?). I cant believe I spent 49.00 for a pair of flip flops

But, they feel so good on my feet.  I'm not tired anymore in the early evenings. 

Soon after, an ad for another flip flop made in Australia caught my attention.  It s a company called "Archies". They also determined that these flat flip flops cause foot and ankle problems.  One thing that happens is that you grip your toes cuz the strap is usually loose.  These fit tightly . No toe gripping.  Cost is only 25.00.  I am considering making them available in Shoreview

 Would you be interested? Comes in many different colors

  Right now I have one black pair, size 9 to sample.



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