Beloved Mothers

 This is a photo of myself  with Marc and my mom. My mom died in Oct of 2017. I still cant quite believe that she's not here.  Death is surreal. I still miss her. But I'm glad to be able to celebrate Mother's day with Laverne, my step mom today at lake harriet.  

 I send love to all of you who are moms and those who have lost their moms as well as moms who have survived the loss of a child.  These are the sufferings of human beings.  Because I am a student of Budhism, I do talk about suffering in my classes.  Not in a down and out way, but I I recognize it as a human condition.  And we talk about ways to overcome suffering.  One of those ways is to find the stillness within.  That is the neutral ground that is untainted by our perceptions.  Do let me know if you are interested in learning meditation.  I teach this in private sessions. And I'm also offering thai massage again.  Since it's a clothes on style of massage we can meet at any park.  Or indoors at Peace in Shoreview. Thai massage is focused on the energy meridians so it really helps to balance the energy flow in your body.  

YOGA CLASS UPDATE: We are still meeting in person on tues 9:30-10:45 and thursdays from 5:30-6:45.  At peace church.  About mid june, when the weather is consistently warm, we'll be outside, on the dock in circle pines for the thurs pm class.  


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