Yoga tonite via zooooom! 5-6:15

 Moving into a new year!  Is there any way we can prepare ourselves? 

Do you make new years resolutions ? It's good to set some intentions, but when we cling to the intentions we set and get disappointed and bent out of shape when they don't come to fruition, that is called "aparigraha", or "grasping".  That is what buddhism says is the cause of suffering.  

Sometimes we set our goals based on our aversions.  We might not know what we want, but we clearly know what we don't want. Ie, I know I don't want that virus to permeate our lives anymore. 

Yoga and buddhism teach us to accept whatever comes.  This is called "equanimity".

Pema chodrin talks about equanimity as having a party and being ok with whoever shows up.  Well, we all have preferences,that is natural, but 2020 has shown us that we really cant choose what shows up in the end.  If we don't like what shows up, we can fuss and fume, but that reaction just increases our suffering.

If you'd like to examine this further, come to class tonite. !


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