Yoga,Pilates, Success via zoom tues and thurs at 5

 This week and every week until further notice at Body Mind Circle

Yoga and pilates classes continue. 

Two options:

1) in person at Peace (Tues),  or 2) remotely via zoom. (Tues and thurs)

(Please sign up and pay via paypal  by monday in order to rcv the link ).  

YOGA w hiyala  Tues 9:30-10:45am or 5-6:15pm. Thurs 5-6:15

14.00 for seniors, 16 regular. 

Pilates w hiyala Thurs 9:30-10:30. 16.00 seniors or 18 regular. Via zoom or in person at Peace in shoreview.

New students pay 10 for first yoga class or 12 for first pilates .  

New class! Success Support group!  Via zoom.  Tuesdays 7-8pm.  Join the circle. Express your fears, desires or disappointments.   We help you attain your goals. Sometimes it is so helpful just to express our fears and have them validated. Then they can transform. Each week we will set new personal goals.  Each week we report back to the group about how we did.  Everyone gets to talk. Uninterrupted for 2 min, and you might get a 2nd go around.

Cost is $10 first class, then $15 per session. Pls sign up and pay to by tues at 1:00. Class will be held if one person or more.  


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