Many studios aren't providing the supplies due to covid,. You have to bring your own.

 Do you know someone who is interested in yoga and doesn't yet have their supplies?  

For sale: yoga/pilates materials, all gently used

Cotton Mexican Blankets $10 ea (About the size of a single bed but could cover a queen sized bed too. 7 total..more colors than shown . These are recommended for yoga because they hold the fold and aren't slippery)

straps $5,

blocks $5 each,

purple wedge $10 ( helps for sore wrists).

Up front in photo you see two pilates cords $10 each which help to simulate the movements done on a pilates reformer. you lie on your back, with one foot in each foot strap and one hand on each hand strap. I can offer you a lesson at $30/hour to show you how to use them)

purple meditation Cushion filled with buckwheat hulls. ($30).

Green mat $8.

lots of eyepillows,

music cds,

cds /dvds on yoga and buddhist philosophy.


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