Crazy times support circle!

 This and every thursday from 5-6 at Turtle Lake Park in Shoreview.  Cost: donation for this first one, then $10 /week. Please let me know if you plan to come as we are limited to 10. We will be at peace church in case of bad weather.  There is also a shelter at the park if it's not reserved

Please bring a chair or a towel/ blanket if you want to sit in the ground.

We'll do a  talking circle. Each person (10 max) gets to talk about how things are for them right now....about 1-2 mn without interruption. Nobody reacts. Nobody offers suggestions. We go around the circle as many times as we have time for. 

Masks required til everyone is situated in their place.  And again at end as we leave. 


hiyala said…
Of course, we arent meeting in the park anymore. I am still willing to hold the space whenever there are 2 or more who.are willing to pay in advance. We can use the lovely space inside Peace United church.

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