On this eve of Good Friday, I would like to Send out prayers to all those who are afflicted by this virus.  (we all are , on some level ) but especially, I send prayers to the people of India as they fight this virus.   Especially the poor people who have a harder time distancing.  I 
express my gratitude to India for giving us the rich practice of yoga. I was raised as a Lutheran , but I didn't really connect to the teachings from that tradition. Altho I do honor them and think Jesus was an amazing teacher .  During these days of the virus, I'm just so happy to be able to find solace in my practice , alone and with others.  Thank you to the students who have come to my classes over the last 20 years. I think about you and pray for you years after you came for your last class.  I will always consider myself blessed to have been your teacher.  or your massage therapist..   or your French teacher.  or your portrait artist .. or your friend.  


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