Online yoga instruction with Ruth and Hiyala !

Hello everyone.  We are sending our love and wishes for your wellbeing. 
We are not doing in person classes (except for private sessions) at Peace Church for awhile.
In the meantime, Hiyala will continue to hold her class via Zoom on Tues mornings from 9:30-10:45.  Please sign in by 9:15 and have your things all set up and ready to go .  You will have a chance to chat with myself and others before we start and a bit afterwards if you want..
Anyone who is new is welcome!  Cost is $15/class  or the new student deal is 3/$30. and is payable by paypal. (in advance to please).
It's best if you've had some yoga (most everyone in this class has had about 5-10 years of yoga).  However, it is a "gently challenging class" and the age range is from about 50- a very fit and agile 82 year old!  We always start with a checkin  to let the instructor know about any physical, mental or emotional challenges or joys!  If you are new, please take a minute or two and briefly tell us a bit about yourself.  You are welcome to do your warm up stretches while others are doing their check in!  If you would please let me know your intentions to attend, and I will send you the link.  Zoom is easy.  please google it online so you know how it works.  In this Tues am class we will do a special sequence that I choreographed after the 9:11 catastrophe.  There is a "Metta" prayer  (compassion) that we recite as we do the asanas.  This is the prayer:  I am at peace. My heart remains open. I am awakening to the light of my own true nature.  I am finding balance between will and surrender. I am healed. I am an instrument of healing for all beings.  I look forward to seeing you and staying connected in this "new way".

Ruth has been teaching a weekly class related to the Chakras.  She will be recording her class, so you would be able to watch it anytime that suits you. !  I will let her post what she would like you to know here in the next few days. 


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