The Art of Giving Gratitude

Thanksgiving. The Art of giving gratitude.  I am so thankful for all the usual things.  The special people and animals in my life, but also the less obvious, like the garbage collectors.  omg!  I cannot imagine what our world would look like without them!  Every time the garbage truck comes around, my husband Marc says, "thank God for the Garbage collectors"!  I'm also grateful for all the people in public service. The people who work on the roads... (35w is looking so beautiful!) and the people who keep us safe (police people, and the fire fighters) as well as people who work to prevent bad stuff from happening to the Earth and the natural areas that we enjoy, The water protectors!   I wish I could help in that endeavor but we all choose our areas of volunteerism.  I'm also thankfull for the politicians who are working so hard to preserve our democracy...and...the HUGE amount of help and support I'm getting from Ruth in recreating my website and my newsletters.  She's also teaching a wonderful yoga class on Thursday nights that I'm attending also and being challenged in new ways as a yoga student! 


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