Terger Meditation Center

I'm going to this: Fri night 7-8:30 pm free public talk at Tergar Meditation Center in Northeast Mpls–Loving the World. Public Talk with Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted. Tim has a meditation center in Colorado.

(Followed by Weekend Workshop Nov. 16-17).In these turbulent times, the very idea of staying open and connected to others seems utterly far-fetched. And yet, the quality of our lives, and life itself, is completely dependent on the well-being of the entire human family. The key to discovering and opening to this reality rests on our ability to cultivate and maintain a warm and sensitive relationship to ourselves, our experience, and even to those people and circumstances with whom we have the most difficulty. Along the way, we discover a world that is rich, workable, and fundamentally good. Anyone interested in transforming their relationship to themselves and their world, old hands and those new to the path of meditation, will find this talk deeply enriching.


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