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Flexibility of body & mind is the best insurance


me 61 at aveda    Hiyala has been called the Matriarch of Yoga in the Northern suburbs. She has been teaching since 1995.  She creates a  serene environment that sets the stage for yoga studies  at all levels of practice, all shapes and sizes!   Hiyala  teaches  the traditional style of yoga incorporating long holding of the poses, pranayama and  meditation.   Although it is     not  a workout class where you might work up a sweat , every class offers a challenge – with modifications available.  A good yoga class will revitalise you, balance the energy          flow in your body and help you feel more relaxed about life in general .  I always say it is the cheapest therapy available.  Good for body, mind and spirit

      Yoga and Pilates classes as well as private sessions and Thai Yoga therapy will be held at Peace United Methodist Church in Shoreview beginning Jan 1st 2016.
It is a very  nice large space  and the people of Peace United are wonderful.  Peace United Church- 5050 Hodgeson Rd.  just a bit north of hwy 96 . This is a lovely , healing space.  

  You will  receive a warm welcome!

This space is lit with natural light from the west facing windows

This space is lit with natural light from the west facing windows

 To register, pls click here.

New session yoga classes begins first week of Jan 2016 and goes thru to the end of Feb.  


please prepay for the first class using paypal ( or send a check.  Cost for new students is $30 for first three classes.  Regular price is  $16 per class for 2 or more or discounted to $14 per class  if you pay for 8 weeks  consecutive. $18 single class.


Student testimonial:

jody lelm


Jody Lelm:  I started yoga as a recommendation from a doctor in hopes to relieve pain I was experiencing. I was hesitant but followed through with my first session. I left realizing that yoga was a huge undiscovered piece of my life I was completely missing out on.


Unfortunately I am one of many that struggles with anxiety, depression and negative thoughts about my physical appearance. I am in a constant battle with myself.


I quickly learned that yoga isn’t about being good enough, flexible or mastering poses; it is just about being committed, accountable and open minded. I now have a desire to challenge my body to the best of MY ability and disconnect my brain from all of the negativity in order to reconnect positively.


It also helps me feel more connected to myself and those around me in a world where it is often too easy to feel alone in the hussle, bustle and stress our daily lives incur.


I love that in yoga, all the strength you need, you find within yourself. How empowering!


One thing that Hiyala quietly whispered in my ear during meditation one evening always plays through my head: ‘progress, not  perfection’…




tree pose

tree pose

Parent+Child yoga (ages 4-8 plus one parent/guardian)  . I am available to teach your group at my location or yours.  call 612 850-0071 or  I wrote a book for Parent /child yoga that is available for purchase. You can find out more at





We specialize in a gentle, restorative, gently challenging yoga

We specialize in a gentle, restorative, gently challenging yoga




we honor the light within you

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