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Flexibility of body & mind is the best insurance

Body Mind Circle is a holistic healing center in a lovely setting offering yoga  (classes and private, therapeutic and aerial), massage, hypnosis , NLP,  pilates, Ear Candling, Reiki, drumming, family events such as crafting days, music festivals and more.

we practice “ahimsa” , non harm

 A serene environment sets the stage for yoga studies of all levels of practice, all shapes and sizes! We offer the traditional style of yoga incorporating long holding of the poses, pranayama and  meditation.   You will receive a warm welcome.

Quick updates:

House concert :  MOORS and MCCUMBERS!  two heartful guys that sing folk songs from various traditions and play lots of instruments.   Sat Sept 13th .  7:30-9:30pm

Clairvoyant readings with Elaine Toft.
Sund Sept 21st from 12:30-4:30 she will be here for appointments.

Are you familiar with the beautiful paths in Circle pines?  if not,
come join hiyala for  Aerobic walking +yoga.
7:30-8:30 am from studio or 8:30-9:30pm Mondays.(leaves from Blaine City Hall).  Please pay in advance  per month.. $48   or $14 drop in .

for more details visit our EVENTS page

Hiyala’s new session begins Sept 2nd . It  will be an 9  week session  and the cost is $112  if you pay a week in advance. You can miss one week and still get the discounted rate.

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We specialize in a gentle, restorative, gently challenging yoga

We specialize in a gentle, restorative, gently challenging yoga




we honor the light within you

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