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Body Prayers Yoga

note: since Jan 2016 we have been at Peace United Church 5050 hodgeson rd, shoreview.  Some classes are held on the dock in Circle pines in the summer. 

  What makes us different? 



Inside is a warm, healing serene setting with soft lighting, and music. out back is a labyrinth. In the summer time Tues pm and Sat am classes are  outdoors on the dock near the clock tower round about behind Ace Hardware in Circle Pines. .  It is lovely.

Body Prayers.   Yoga in our  studio facilitates a deeper kind of yoga practice.  It is so much different than doing yoga in a gym/club.  This yoga is not just about the physical body, it is like a prayer,  incorporating body, mind & soul.  Some of the other factors that make it different are that students usually sign up and commit to attending for the full 2 month session so there is continuity.  Many of my students have been attending for more than 5 years. That creates a feeling of belonging to this community and with that comes a feeling of safety.


Getting together outside of the studio

Students typically sign up for a session of 8 weeks which creates a sense of bonding among those in the class. Many have been students of Hiyala’s for more than 5 years.

Expertise and Caring  

Several of the teachers have been teaching yoga for several years, and all of the teachers work to provide a gentle, warm and welcoming environment in their classes.

What kind of yoga do we offer?   Is it Hatha Yoga?  

Yes, however,  “Hatha Yoga” is a very generalized term that to some implies a more gentle form of yoga. In reality it is an umbrella term for the asana (the physical poses)portion of the practice. Depending on the lineage (who the primary teacher was) this asana practice might be gentle or vigorous. Hiyala is a bit more on the traditional side in that she teaches the yoga more as an entire system and not just Yoga for exercise.

It is typical that Hiyala will use the sanskrit names of the poses (perhaps as well as english) and the music is likely to have an East Indian influence. The class may begin and end with an OM, and hands at heart “namaste” greeting. This does not mean that we expect our students to convert to Hinduism.  Rather, we feel that this practice of finding the stillness within is conducive to deepening your connection to the Divine however that is interpreted within your own spiritual beliefs.

The asanas are only one of the 8 limbs of the yogic system that leads us towards optimal health and enlightenment. In the beginning level classes at the Body Mind Circle studio, the emphasis is on the physical aspects. We focus on deepening body awareness  as well as proper alignment of the body using props such as blocks, straps, chairs and bolsters.

In the continuing level classes, more emphasis is on the deepening of each pose by observing the more subtle aspects within the pose such as the breath, and our awareness of the internal flow of energy.

Yoga for Healing: We recognize  that many people come to yoga for healing  from a physical or emotional injury. We  honor and respect that people  often arrive in a state of great vulnerability. We strive to create a class environment that is soothing, safe and supportive.

Yoga for Everyone: We believe that yoga is for everyone! All ages and shapes welcome.  We have props that help you achieve the poses at your ability level.

Private Yoga: We also offer private and semi-private instruction at our studio, your home, or place of employment.  Private yoga is ideal for those who are self conscious about their bodies, for those who have limited abilities due to injury or otherwise, as well as for those who are fit and would like to go deeper into the practice of Yoga